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SEO Link Building Essentials: A Strong Link-Building Strategy

Google’s highly complex algorithms utilize SEO link building authority as an important factor in determining how websites and specific webpages rank in relevant searches. Although backlinks are just one element that contributes to ranking, it is a high indicator of how relevant a certain site is to specific keywords in a Google search. Backlinks suggest that the content on the page is of high quality, meaning that it likely will be helpful to the person searching for that specific information.

Building High-Quality Links: All Backlinks are Not Created Equal

In the early days of SEO, many companies performed black hat link building. This simply means that people would insert a backlink to their website anywhere and everywhere there was a possibility, thus creating irrelevant links in an attempt to simply build a mass of backlinks. Today, search engines like Google have gotten a lot smarter. Search engines now value quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. One exceptionally high-quality backlink from a highly reputable source will boost your site’s relevancy in search results a great deal more than hundreds of low-quality backlinks.

The Importance of a Link Audit

There are three different types of links: inbound links, outbound links and interlinks. Inbound links are links from other websites that lead back to your site, outbound links are links on your site that lead to other sites, and interlinks are the links within your web pages that link to other pages on your site. Prior to building a truly exceptional link-building strategy, it is imperative to do a thorough audit of the existing links that are contributing to your website’s link score.

An audit of current links will show you what other websites are currently linking back to yours. This will provide you with valuable information including what pieces of content are most popular, giving you the power to create similar content that will garner even more quality inbound links. The link audit will also show you what assets your website currently has, and it will pinpoint gaps in content that can be filled to increase the number of quality inbound links. An audit may also dig up some highly non-credible sites that may be linking to yours. These negative links can actually harm your site’s potential to show higher in search results.

Building a Link Acquisition Strategy That Really Works

A highly successful link-building campaign starts with two crucial elements: a customized strategy and deep technical knowledge. Relationships will be developed with individual channels that are relevant to your site’s existing content. These relationships will lead to the creation of a valuable backlink to a specific page on your website. A detailed report will include specific information about the efforts put forth to build these relationships, as well as transparent information that showcases how your site’s link portfolio is growing as the campaign moves forward.

Quality Content is at the Core of Earned Links

As mentioned above, when it comes to a backlink’s relevance to growing a site’s rankings, quality trumps quantity every time. Our team of content experts works diligently to craft highly-relevant messages to each channel that could become a potential source of a top-quality link to your site. This process not only builds solid relationships to garner more links in the future, but it also develops partnerships that can help get your original content published on other quality websites that will link back to yours.

We Provide Reports with Hard Data

Link building is a highly technical, very intricate process. We know that a link-building campaign’s success doesn’t have true value to a company unless it can be tangibly measured. Our reporting system gathers hard data to provide a complete overview of success metrics for all customized link campaigns. We also believe in providing a step-by-step overview of the efforts that have been made to reach the specific goals of each campaign. When it comes to building high-quality links and increasing search rankings, transparency is the most important factor in reporting.