Link Building Strategies for Dispensary Local SEO

Link Building Strategies for Dispensary Local SEO

Link Building Strategies For Local SEO Dispensary Strategies

Search engines are a daily part of most people’s lives. They can readily be used to identify the highest-reviewed businesses in your local area, get answers to questions, and explore keywords as topics. The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) involves making changes to websites to make them more valuable by search engines’ metrics.

SEO is used by virtually all modern businesses who have a presence on the World Wide Web. With nothing more than a few weeks’ time and a small developer’s fee, businesses of all sorts and sizes can securely rise to the front page of Google for certain keywords and phrases that are relevant to their lines of business.

Retail cannabis dispensaries, just like all other types of businesses, can benefit even more from search engine optimization done correctly than they can from other forms of advertising and marketing. However, since many states have recently brought retail cannabis dispensaries to their cities, they’ve been fiercely competing against one another for a larger slice of the action.

Here are a number of local search engine optimization tools, strategies, and tips that every cannabis dispensary can benefit from.

Don’t Ever Turn Away From The Potential Benefits Of Partnering With Influencers

In today’s world of social media, countless people in the cannabis industry have many thousands of followers on the Twitter and Instagram profiles, granting them the unofficial title of “influencer.”

Getting help from any influencer is great, though finding one or more influencers in the same city that you’re in or within a few-mile radius of it is a highly effective means of boosting your cannabis dispensary’s rankings on major search engines like Google and Yahoo for local searches.

If you do, in fact, decide to take on the competition with an influencer’s help by your side, you should regularly sponsor posts that reference your dispensary on an ongoing basis. Such extensive partnerships are more likely to result in positive financial results than their one-off sponsorship counterparts.

Spread Your Official Name, Address, And Phone Number With Brands

Many brands of cannabis products host websites that contain basic information about their organizations and tons more about the products that such brands offer. They also provide curious visitors with referrals to retail cannabis dispensaries that carry their products.

Believe it or not, you might carry one or more of these brands’ products that are active on the World Wide Web but not mentioned on those brands’ websites. Reach out to every brand and company that has sold cannabis products to your dispensary and provide them with your retail cannabis dispensary’s most recent name, address, and phone number to open up more opportunities.

Create And Distribute Resources That Could Locally Be Of Use

It’s safe to say that you have seen calendars, sticky notes, and writing utensils that have businesses’ information on them. These items are typically paid for by the brand in question and distributed to as many local businesses, organizations, and governments as possible.

As long as you manage to partner with a reputable manufacturer of customized, useful resources like the three mentioned above, you’ll unarguably gain exposure by putting out tons of long-lasting, high-quality resources with your business entity’s name all over them.

You’ll be better off if you have more than one type of resource designed and manufactured, potentially doubling the number of times that people are exposed to your branding.

Does Your Business Give Away Resources To Charities?

If so, you should strive to be mentioned on one or more of those charities’ sponsorship pages. Charities often recognize the largest, most important donors of theirs. If your business can manage to be on the sponsorship pages of multiple nonprofit organizations, your social media pages and your company’s website is much more likely to garner positive returns.

Look Into Sponsoring Mid-Sized To Large Events

Most people have a good time when they attend get-togethers, parties, and other events. As such, they are more likely to think well of companies in the long-run that are advertising their products at such events as compared to entities that do not advertise at events by sponsoring them.

As a sponsor, your business will only be on the hook for the cost of party supplies. Don’t be afraid to host a series of parties, especially those that are likely to spread across social media and elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

Host And Pay For Local Meetups

Although much communication takes place through smartphones, computers, and the Internet, you may find that you can build close relationships with potential customers by hosting meetups that entertain, educate, and inform in a fun manner.

Another way to deal with meetups as far as beefing up your cannabis dispensary’s brand exposure goes is to seek out existing meetup groups and offer to sponsor them for at least four consecutive sessions. These meetups often bode well with members of communities who use cannabis and enjoy talking about it with other people in their localities. Since cannabis users are often more friendly to each other than people interested in virtually any other hobby, sponsoring one or more meetup groups is almost certain to come out well for your business.

Try To Secure Nominations For Awards

In the world of cannabis, many publications regularly rate dispensaries, brands, particular strains, and other cannabis products. If at all possible, your business needs to be nominated for at least one type of award.

It also doesn’t hurt to be the first party to reach out to the publications that are known to hand out awards to companies and products in the cannabis industry.

If your company is, in fact, selected for a nomination or an award, try your best to persuade the company that made news of such a nomination or an award to put your company’s web address and contact information on their websites. This is likely to boost your web pages’ results on search engines substantially.

Secure Your Spot On As Many Web-Based Business Directories For The Cannabis Industry As You Can Find

Web-based business directories in the cannabis business help improve retail dispensaries’ chances of returning great results on search engines. Get on enough of these business directories and your business will regularly return front-page results on Google that are all above the fold.

Even if signing up for these cannabis business directories costs money, your business should still pay for such costs because they’re more than an expense – they’re nothing short of investments.

Paying For High-Quality Local Citations On Popular Websites

As you probably know, Google’s search engine algorithm does not seem to like high quantities of local citations spread across the Internet. By investing in professionally-written media, you’ll help raise your company’s placement on the Google search engine.

If you already have several local citations published on relatively unpopular sites, you should consider removing them immediately and replacing them with the high-quality local citations that digital communication companies that can consistently craft web content at a superior level.

Getting Mentioned In News Media Publications Helps Boost Relevancy On Google

Google strives to connect its users to the content that best meets their needs. The best thing you can do is try to find your company’s way into local print newspapers or any web-based news media publications. This is an effective means of connecting your business to a locality or region on the World Wide Web.

When people or local newsgroups are located near your company’s primary location, they will readily be able to find your company’s most important web pages and social media platforms. Getting in news publications boosts your website’s search relevancy for months on end, if not years on end. These efforts more than pay themselves off once it’s all said and done.

Create An Internet-Based Resource To Gain Brand Awareness

On such a publication, you shouldn’t talk about your business at all. What the piece should focus on is the entertainment or educational value – if not both of them combined – of the digital resource that your company shares with the World Wide Web.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely be better off if you select a topic for the resource page that doesn’t readily change or become irrelevant within a few years of publication.

Get Your Writers’ Posts On Large Industry Webpages

Guest posts are exactly what they sound like. The process of guest posting involves crafting an article or another type of web content that is highly relevant to both your company and the host of the guest posts.

As long as you include at least some information about your business in guest posts, you’re certain to bring in substantial interest from the host website’s audience.

You Can Clarify Your Company’s Name, Address, And Phone Number On Other Websites’ Posts

If you find mentions of your business on the World Wide Web, do everything in your power to reach out to the teams that would be responsible for changing hyperlinks and contact information. You’ll be pleased to find that Google’s search engine results will quickly improve as the number of mentions of your business are aligned with your company’s accurate name, address, phone number, and other relevant information.

When it comes to looking for businesses on the World Wide Web, Google is designed to only return results for businesses that do, in fact, have their contact information – name, address, and phone number – in the proper format on other business entities’ web pages.